Iron Balls Gin is meticulously crafted at A R. Sutton & Co Engineers micro distillery in the heart of Bangkok. Due to the small size of the distillery, production is extremely limited, for this reason master distiller Ash Sutton chooses to use the best possible ingredients available and in-turn craft an artisan spirit that is beyond measure. Quality over quantity as the saying goes. Iron Balls Gin is handmade from fermentation to distillation using freshly cracked coconuts and pineapples with hints of juniper, hillside ginger and lemongrass. A great refreshing gin & tonic served on ice with fresh slices of pineapple, basil and a squeezed lime.

Iron Balls 1 is a single seated flying vessel capable of extreme sudden thrust. It has a single screw design jet thruster fuelled by a specially distilled ethanol formula. The vessel is capable of pushing well and beyond the Earths exosphere and into the the vast abysses of space. With a seating capacity of 1 adventurer and a limited fuel capacity that can also be consumed it is designed never to return to Earth.

— Enjoy the ride.

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